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8inch Double Raised Garden Bed

8inch Double Raised Garden Bed

$ 62.99

42" x 84" x 8"

8 inch depth. Makes one 42" x 84" garden. Includes 7 boards, 4 two-way corners, 2 three-way corners.

Soil and plants not included.

20 cubic feet of soil required.

Product weight: 49lbs

Box comes with 7 boards and connectors to make 2 beds in the side by side configuration, sharing the middle board (see image).

If you want to stack to beds to make a deeper bed (see image), you should order 2 single beds HERE, and not this double bed. This kit does not come with enough boards or the correct connectors for stacking.

Question we often get from customers: Can boards can be cut like normal wood? Yes, they can. But please keep in mind once you cut the board you will be losing the end of the board with a groove. You will need to cut the groove correctly at the new end of the board, so that it fits into the connectors. This can be done with the correct tools and some carpentry experience. Unfortunately, we cannot help with this, or replace boards that are damaged in this process. 

About the wood and plastic we use in our raised garden beds:

Information on the recycled plastic that we use in our garden beds and accessories: We use HDPE and LDPE, high density and low density polyethylene a #4 plastic. Wood flour is from hardwood and is formaldehyde free. We do not use any treated lumber material. Our plastic contains no BPA or DEHP that would leach out in the soil. The wood we use is a recycled untreated hardwood.

Assembly instructions HERE and video instructions below. 

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