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Stacking Clips

Stacking Clips

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See images. Clips are included with your garden bed order. If you need additional clips, you can request up to an additional 24 clips here. See pictures for recommended placement.

  • Recommended: 2 clips per side. (See images)
  • For stacking one bed on another bed,  you will need 8 clips.
  • For a stack of beds 3-high you will need 16 clips. **If you want to stack 3 or more beds, we strongly recommend reinforcing the middle of the boards with re-bar posts to support the weight. We do not recommend stacking more than 3 beds high.
  • Please order the number of clips that you need. You are ordering 1 piece eaches, not sets.
  • We will send a maximum of 24 clips per order. If you require more than 24, please place an additional order.

Clips are free and additional clips will be shipped for free.

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